About Us
For over 16 years Janus Healthcare has established its reputation as the premier provider of Business Process Outsourcing Services to the healthcare industry. Serving more than 300 hospitals and over 3,000 providers nationwide, Janus provides the gold-standard in customer care and customizable solutions for an ever-changing dynamic industry. Our degreed and credentialed industry professionals are the very best in their respective areas of expertise and enable our customers to draw upon a wealth of healthcare financial services knowledge and resources.

Message from the CEO
Abe Goldman, CEO

I've been a part of Janus Healthcare for the past twelve years and have enjoyed being involved in such a dynamic and customer-centric organization.

At Janus Healthcare you will notice that we embrace an entrepreneurial spirit and emphasize creating real value for our clients, which in turn drives our continued growth and success. Janus has developed a unique environment of collegiate collaboration between our client and employee professionals while serving as a trusted advisor. We believe that in today's healthcare environment, you need to minimize the impact on the health system's staff and processes, while continuously monitoring and measuring and looking for opportunities to advise and consult.

On behalf of the Janus team, I thank you for visiting our site, and I encourage you to learn about our services. Contact us to learn more about how we can help you turn problem areas into profit centers.

Abe Goldman

Careers with Janus Healthcare
Janus Healthcare is expanding and is always looking for knowledgeable, qualified personnel to help drive that growth. If you are a healthcare financial or revenue cycle management professional with at least 10+ years of direct experience consulting with Hospitals, Health Systems or Clinics we would be interested in talking with you. For a list of available openings please see the "Careers" section of the website

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